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Four Ways We Help You Decrease Your Dental Anxiety

November 16, 2016

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ANXIETY, the number one reason who people avoid going to the dentist. Although you may have had a less than pleasant experience at some point in your life, avoiding the dentist is dangerous to your overall health. The key to incorporating routine dental visits into your life, is to lean how to come with your underlying fears. One of our goals at the Holistic Practice of Dr Fred Dreher is to do just that! Below are some easy ways we help you to conquer this endeavor, so coming to the dentist becomes routine (and maybe even enjoyable).


  • Relaxing Atmosphere:

    What’s worse than walking into a dental office and within the first step, being reminded where you are? The smells, the photos, the sounds, all may bring back a feeling of anxiety and you may want to run the other way. Our goal is to make our facility feel as though you are at home. Large open windows in our operatories, a comforting fireplace, complimentary paraffin wax (food grade, triclosan free) hand treatments, and relaxing essential oils are all amenities to make your experience more pleasant.

  • Trager Approach and Infrared Sauna Treatment

    Trager, a gentle approach that helps aid in replacing the “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system response with the “rest and digest” response of the body. To learn more about Trager, click here.  We also offer Medical Grade Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna treatments which assists the muscles to relax in a natural, calm manner. Learn more about our medical grade sauna here

  • Sedation Dentistry

    If being fearful is preventing you from seeing a dentist, and no matter how hard you try you can’t work up the courage to obtain treatment? Sedation dentistry may be what you are looking for. During the procedure, patients can talk, make requests, and undergo treatment without remembering a thing! Learn more about sedation dentistry, click here.

  • Music

    Do you have that one song that continuously puts you in a good mood? — or maybe listening to Caribbean style music will make your mind escape to a tropical paradise? Whatever your request, let us be your dj!


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Common Safe Mercury Removal Protocol Questions

November 10, 2016

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Why do you receive activated charcoal prior to Safe Mercury Removal Protocol?

Studies have suggested that taking activated charcoal 10-15 minuets prior to Safe Mercury Removal can actually help chealate (or bind) to any mercury that gets injected during the procedure. Activated charcoal can escort the vapors out of the small intestines and bring them to the outside of the body through the stool. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the small intestines which makes it a great heavy mental chealator.

What is the large tube doing under my chin during the procedure? (or as our patient’s call it “Snuffy”)?

“Snuffy” (or the large tube that comes and sits under the patient’s chin) gets the nickname “Snuffy” due to looking like an elephant’s trunk. It is a carbon filter that collects vapors that are coming off of the tooth as it is removed. We place a fan behind the patient’s head that directs the vapors into this tube. This is used as additional protection against the inhalation of vapors. The patient also received fresh oxygen via nasal cannula during the procedure.  

What types of materials do you put in place of the amalgam?

Everyone is different and we do not follow a “one size fits all approach”.  We encourage all of our patients to undergo Biocompatible Materials Testing which will tell us which materials will work best with the body’s chemistry. Then, depending on the site of the amalgam, Dr. Dreher will make recommendations based on the amount and the condition of the tooth structure remaining after the amalgam is removed. Some options include (BPA-FREE) composites and CEREC all-porcelain restorations.

What do I do when all of my mercury fillings are out?

Throughout the Safe Mercury Removal Process, we recommend the use of our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to aid in the detoxification process. You can learn more about our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy Here. We also encourage our patient’s to see a Naturopathic Doctor to customize a detoxification protocol. We partner with with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sampson, of Integrative Health. 

What makes us different?

November 3, 2016


The word “holistic” has been a recently used buz word (and maybe even overused and abused). The word can have many meanings, depending on who you ask, but in general, “holistic” means in relation to the whole as opposed to focusing on individual parts. Holistic may also refer to balancing the mind, body, and spirit. If one of these components is not functioning optimally, the whole body will be affected.  But, what does it mean to be a holistic dentist according to Dr. Dreher?  Let us tell you..




June 28, 2016

We’ve listened to our patients ….

Dr. Dreher and his team are excited to announce the addition of Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kyle Sampson, to our team!

Dr. Sampson will be joining Dr. Dreher in a few short weeks! Stay tuned for more information!


“When we can correctly drive physiology to a place of healing within an individual, we will see remarkable changes in the lives of our patients.”

-Dr. Kyle Sampson

What are All Those Numbers and Letters my Ballston Spa Dentist Says During Checkups?

February 18, 2016

tooth numbering chartHumans will normally have 32 adult teeth that will erupt during their younger years of life.  In order to keep track of all these teeth, they have been assigned numbers.  This numbering system can vary in different countries but in the United States, the most common way of tooth numbering is using the numbers from 1-32.   The system is sequential and it starts on the upper right side of the mouth.  Therefore, #1 will be the last tooth on upper right side.  This tooth is also called a 3rd molar or a wisdom tooth.  #2 will be directly adjacent to #1 as we move closer to midline.  Midline is an imaginary line that divides the mouth into left and right halves.  This will then be followed by tooth #3, the #4 and so on. This pattern will continue until we get to the last tooth on the upper left side.  This is a wisdom tooth and using our number system, it will be tooth #16.  Since we are now at the last tooth on the upper arch, the numbering system will continue but now it will be on the lower teeth.  Staying on the patients left side, we drop down to the lower teeth and that 3rd molar will be #17.  We can then count all the teeth on the lower, just like we did on top, and eventually end on #32.  #32 is 3rd molar on the lower right side.  It is important to remember that if a tooth is missing, the number DOES NOT carry over. Every tooth has an assigned number and that will not change.  In other words, #6 is ALWAYS an upper right canine and it does not matter if #5 or #7 is present.   Finally, baby teeth are counted in the same way but instead of numbers they use letters.  The letters are A-T.

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