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Common Safe Mercury Removal Protocol Questions

November 10, 2016

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Why do you receive activated charcoal prior to Safe Mercury Removal Protocol?

Studies have suggested that taking activated charcoal 10-15 minuets prior to Safe Mercury Removal can actually help chealate (or bind) to any mercury that gets injected during the procedure. Activated charcoal can escort the vapors out of the small intestines and bring them to the outside of the body through the stool. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the small intestines which makes it a great heavy mental chealator.

What is the large tube doing under my chin during the procedure? (or as our patient’s call it “Snuffy”)?

“Snuffy” (or the large tube that comes and sits under the patient’s chin) gets the nickname “Snuffy” due to looking like an elephant’s trunk. It is a carbon filter that collects vapors that are coming off of the tooth as it is removed. We place a fan behind the patient’s head that directs the vapors into this tube. This is used as additional protection against the inhalation of vapors. The patient also received fresh oxygen via nasal cannula during the procedure.  

What types of materials do you put in place of the amalgam?

Everyone is different and we do not follow a “one size fits all approach”.  We encourage all of our patients to undergo Biocompatible Materials Testing which will tell us which materials will work best with the body’s chemistry. Then, depending on the site of the amalgam, Dr. Dreher will make recommendations based on the amount and the condition of the tooth structure remaining after the amalgam is removed. Some options include (BPA-FREE) composites and CEREC all-porcelain restorations.

What do I do when all of my mercury fillings are out?

Throughout the Safe Mercury Removal Process, we recommend the use of our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna to aid in the detoxification process. You can learn more about our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy Here. We also encourage our patient’s to see a Naturopathic Doctor to customize a detoxification protocol. We partner with with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sampson, of Integrative Health. 

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