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February 19, 2016

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Dr. Dreher and his team would like you to meet Dr. Thomas Horgan, who joined our practice just this year. Dr. Horgan grew up in Boston, where he earned a bachelor’s degree at Stonehill College, a Certificate of Sciences at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and then attended Boston University for dental school.

Dr. Horgan appreciates the details and artistry of dentistry. In fact, he even takes the time to write about different dental topics. Here is something he has written for us about composite fillings.

What is a composite filling?

A composite material is a material that has multiple elements that combine to form one. A familiar example is cement, where sand, gravel, water are all combined and the end result is used to form our roads and bridges. A composite dental filling is a composite because it has 2 main elements, which are resin and glass or ceramic particles. In its soft, uncured form, the filling material is packed into the prepared tooth, usually with dental hand instruments.   A blue curing light is then applied to the filling material to cure (harden) it. Why blue? There are light sensitive catalysts within the filling material that respond to wavelengths of 480 nm. 480nm is the within the visible light spectrum and appears as blue light to the human eye. When the catalysts are exposed to this light they start a polymerization reaction. During polymerization, the monomers of resin combine to form polymers of resin and the filling material becomes hard. The particles of glass or ceramics become incorporated within the polymer matrix and give the filling greater strength. The curing process usually takes 30-40 seconds but can vary based on manufacturer recommendations. Once the filling is cured, the dentist will polish the filling and the end result is a smooth, tooth colored restoration that is ready for use! All composite fillings that are used at the holistic practice of Ballston Spa dentist Dr. Fred Dreher are BPA-free are have been researched by our in-house staff to ensure that maximum biocompatibility is achieved.

Come Say, “Hello” to Dr. Horgan

We invite you to stop our office to meet Dr. Horgan. Or if it’s time for one of your biannual checkups, schedule an appointment at our Ballston Spa, NY, dental practice. We care for patients from Saratoga Springs, Cohoes, Watervliet, Schenectady, Gloversville, Glens Falls and beyond.

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