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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Holistic Dentistry for Kids

January 5, 2016

two young girls with beautiful smiles thanks to their children's holistic dentist in ballston spaWhen it comes to our kids, we’re dedicated to offering the best of everything year round. One area where parents may not be considering their children’s individual health needs is at the dentist’s office. While many dental practices offer a “cookie cutter” approach to services and materials, Dr. Frederick Dreher and his Ballston Spa, NY dentistry team are dedicated to providing every patient the best in dental care by getting to know their dentistry service needs, choosing materials that are biocompatible with individual patients, and educating people about their oral and overall health and how the two are connected. When it comes to helping kids get the holistic dentistry services they deserve, we go even farther to ensure they have healthy smiles and bodies for life.

A Lifetime of Happy Dental Visits

Many dental practices set a specific age or stage in dental development when they recommend kids have their first visits. Dr. Dreher believes that every child is different, and the best way to ensure your children receive the dental care they need is to create a custom treatment plan. Before your child’s first appointment, we recommend bringing kids to see us during your appointments. As your child grows, our team answers questions, takes them on tours of the office, and we even let them “assist” our hygienists during your cleanings so they get to be a part of the treatment experience and understand why caring for teeth is so important. These early appointments create positive associations with dentist for your child. We even bake bread at our practice on a daily basis. The smells of freshly baked breads remove all of the medicinal scents that may lead to unnecessary anxiety.

Dental Service with the Freedom of Choice

We offer dentistry free of harmful chemicals and materials including:

  • No fluoride exposure – most practices tout fluoride as the answer to dental problems but this is actually a toxic compound when ingested, and we believe patients have a right to fluoride-free care.
  • Allergies – gluten allergies, metal sensitivities, and other concerns are often over looked by dental practices, but no patient of any age should experience the pain and discomfort that results from using materials that are not biocompatible.
  • BPA free – this endocrine disruptor is found in dental sealants and filling materials and has been linked to numerous whole body health concerns. We offer preventive and restorative materials that are biocompatable.
  • Low radiation x-rays – our digital x-rays have about 1/3 of the radiation exposure as traditional x-rays, and are faster and more comfortable for kids.
  • Ozone water – we use this smart water to kill bad bacteria, reduce dental sensitivity, and remineralize teeth.

Contact Your Ballston Spa Dentist, 12020 Residents

While we try to let kids gradually adjust to our practice and dental care, we invite you to schedule an appointment right away if your child is experiencing toothache, dental trauma, or other situations that require urgent care. Otherwise, bring your little one in during your next appointment. We’re happy to help you introduce the kids to the best in dental health care.

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