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Vitamin C & Gum Health Tips from Your Ballston Spa Dentist

March 1, 2016

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Your Ballston Spa dentist, Dr. Fred Dreher offers key information about how ingesting more vitamin C may improve your oral health.

Vitamin C & Gum Health Tips from Your Ballston Spa Dentist

Everyone knows that an orange slice is shaped like a smile, but did you know that eating more oranges might actually improve your oral health? Studies show that vitamin C intake, or lack thereof, may actually have a dramatic effect on gum health. At Dr. Fred Dreher’s Ballston Spa dental practice, we are dedicated to finding the underlying cause of patients’ oral health issues, and for many of our patients who exhibit signs of gum disease, a few simple dietary changes to increase vitamin C intake may do more to improve gum health than even the most advanced procedures.

What Vitamin C Does

Most people know that vitamin C offers a number of positive health effects. When patients get sick, they probably take extra vitamin C to boost their immune systems. However, what many patients don’t know is that vitamin C intake is essential in preventing a number of ill health effects including:

  • Immune system deficiency
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Prenatal health concerns
  • Eye disease
  • Aging skin

Since gum disease has been linked to the same chronic and systemic illnesses, it likely comes as no surprise that vitamin C deficiency has also been linked to periodontal disease.

How Vitamin C Affects Gum Health

A deficiency of vitamin C leads to bleeding gums which are both a side effect and contributing factor of gum disease. This occurs because vitamin C is essential in keeping gum lining healthy despite the constant barrage of potentially damaging bacteria constantly present in the mouth. Vitamin C works to produce connective soft tissue that keeps gums healthy and protects the tooth’s root structure from decay-causing bacteria preserving oral health. In most cases, people are unable to absorb the recommended 500 mg a day of vitamin C from diet alone, but adding more fruits and vegetables to daily meals is the first step. Since only 10 to 20% of adults get the necessary amount of vitamin C from their diet, most people also need to take a daily supplement. Too much vitamin C can also increase a feeling of anxiety for some people who have anxiety disorder. Some patients benefit from taking a Liposomal form of Vitamin C for easier absorption.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about how diet affects your oral health or any of the services or treatment plans available from your Ballston Spa dentist, contact our friendly team today. We’re happy to help you over the phone or during a consultation visit.

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