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How can your children benefit from Holistic Density?

Establishing A Positive Relationship with the Dental Office

Establishing healthy habits at an early age is a goal of Dr. Dreher and his staff. This is especially true when it comes to healthy dental habits. Often, children are exposed to the dental chair too young, when it’s too late, or when they’re in pain. This could create dental fear and anxiety that the child may bring into their adolescent and adult lives.

The “right time” to introduce a child to the dental chair is unique to each child! We encourage children to visit the dentist regularly with mom or dad as soon as the child is able to speak. In our facility, children become hygienists’ helpers and “assist” in the cleaning learning about the equipment and the importance of healthy teeth. This creates a positive, curious learning environment and often children feel proud to provide assistance to their parents or siblings.

No Exposure to Toxic fluoride

Studies have suggested that fluoride in any amount can be linked to health issues. Fluoride toxicity has been linked to lower IQ scores and neurotoxin issues. We do not feel comfortable putting it in our children’s mouths, so we do not feel comfortable putting it in your children’s mouth either!

As parents, you have the right to CHOOSE to say no to fluoride. Although some dental offices will allow parents to refuse fluoride treatments, they may not be aware that fluoride may also be found in the prophy paste (the paste the hygienists use to clean patient’s teeth). Often, dentists do not provide non-fluorinated options for prophy paste, leaving a parent with no other choice.

You can be sure that neither our prophy paste nor our water contains fluoride.

Check out the IABDM’s article on the Myths of Water Fluoridation:

We Don’t Let a Child’s Allergies Keep Them From Receiving The Care They Deserve

Traditional Dentistry has become a “cookie cutter” industry, often leaving no room for unique patient needs. Sometimes, children who have allergies are not provided with the care that caters to their concerns. Let us do the research to be able to provide your child with their unique dental needs. We can proudly say we are able to provide a complete gluten free protocol for patients who may have allergies. We can also use dye-free prophy paste!

BPA Free Sealants and Composites

We realize parents may have a concern about the health effects of BPA (an endocrine disruptor) in children. BPA has been linked to behavior disturbances, early puberty, and brain disturbances. BPA can be found in certain dental materials including sealants and filling materials. It is our goal to make dental treatment as holistic as possible and that is why we only offer BPA free sealants and composites to the children that we see.

Digital Xrays

Our office is equipped with the most advanced digital x-ray software. Why is that important to you as parents? Although we use x-rays as a diagnostic tool, we understand that you may be concerned with radiation exposure to your children. Our digital x-rays emit approximately 1/3 of the radiation that traditional film x-rays do. Digital x-rays are more comfortable to take in a small child’s mouth, require less time, and give us a better diagnosis.

We Use Safe Ozone Water to Rinse the Mouth of “Bad Bugs” and Remineralize Teeth!

We use safe, all natural ozone for all dental treatments. Ozone is basically smart oxygen! Ozone finds the positively charged bad bacteria, destroys it, and leaves the negatively charged healthy bacteria. We use is in water form to “swish”” and irrigate during hygiene visits and gas during restorations to get the ozone into the tiny dentin tubules to help clean and remineralize the tooth. To learn more about ozone, click here:

“Home” Atmosphere

One of our goals is to make the patient and their families feel at home. Our waiting room has a child’s play area, fireplace, a tv, and a beverage station. Each operatory also has its own tv and large windows which helps the patient feel as though they are not confined to a small, closed-in operatory. We also make fresh baked bread daily to “remove” any of the dental smells in our office and use Himalay an salt candles to positive energy in our dental office.