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Trager™ Approach in Ballston Spa, NY

Oral & Whole Body Health & Wellness

Do you feel like your body is under constant stress? Do you feel like you are experiencing stress in the form of pain, anxiety, and fatigue? Did you know there is a treatment available to help alleviate this stress? It’s called Trager™ Approach!

At the Ballston Spa, NY dental practice of Dr. Frederick Dreher, we’ve long encouraged patients to understand the connection between oral and whole body health and wellness. Trager™ Approach is one great way to do increase overall wellbeing for improved oral health by relaxing muscles, reducing stress, and releasing physical and mental habits or blocks for deeper relaxation. This type of therapy focuses on reducing unnatural patterns on movement and eliminating neuromuscular tension by using gentle, rhythmic rocking motions. The touch and movement is very soft and gentle and guides the body and mind to a state of balance and integration. Patients are fully dressed during their session, creating a comfortable, secure environment.

Dr. Dreher and his team can help you develop a Trager™ Approach treatment plan to cultivate a greater range of physical motion, mental clarity, and pain reduction. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Trager™ Approach or any of the outstanding dental and whole body health services at our Ballston Spa practice, call to schedule an appointment.

What is the Trager™ Approach?

The Trager™ Approach was developed by Dr. Milton Trager who dedicated 65 years of his long, healthy life to the study and understanding of movement as a way to heal. The approach is a physical and whole body wellness therapy that uses passive and active natural movements to relieve stress and release mental and physical blocks created by years of habitual motion. Therapy involves two stages: passive (table work) and active (mentastics). Both are essential, and the effects of Trager™ Approach are cumulative, so it’s highly recommended that patients receive multiple treatments.

Table work – The relaxing effects of Trager™ Approach passive movements are comparable to a full body massage. Patients rest on a massage table while the Trager therapist gently moves the body in non-habitual ways. The table work does not involve moving the body against natural resistance, or applying pressure like massage. Instead, the body is slowly moved to release muscles from the habitual patterns that cause damage and strain over time.
Mentastics – This is the active portion of Trager™ Approach. Patients can engage in mentastics on their own, in one-on-one sessions, or in a group session. The active motion exercises were specifically designed to get your body in touch with new ways of moving opening it to a wider-range of motion.

What’s the Trager™ Approach Got to do With Teeth?

Dr. Dreher and his team emphasize the benefit of optimal oral health for the entire body and vice versa, and the Trager™ Approach is just another great way to optimize your whole body health to benefit your smile. Oral health disorders like bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) and TMJ dysfunction can be treated using the Trager™ Approach. Both bruxism and TMD can result from habitual motion. Patients with bruxism frequently clench teeth unconsciously all day, and then continue that unconscious motion at night when they are unable to avoid the potentially harmful motion. While wearing an oral appliance at night is a good stop-gap treatment, the only way to “cure” bruxism is to retrain the muscles and joints to rest in a relaxed state. Additionally, patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction (TMD) experience pain due to strain of the TMJ that move the mandible while speaking, breathing, and chewing. There are many different types of TMJ dysfunction, but all can be positively affected by Trager™ Approach therapy to reset the range of comfortable motion.

Should I Consider Trager™ Approach?

Trager is beneficial to patients with numerous chronic illnesses, physical pain or dysfunction, and limited motion. Consider the Trager™ Approach to treat any of the following health concerns:

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If you experience pain or discomfort that may be due to or exacerbated by habitual motion, consider Trager™ Approach therapy with Dr. Dreher and his caring team. Call to find out more about the Trager™ Approach or any of our outstanding oral and whole body health services today. Our Ballston Spa, NY office welcomes patients from Saratoga Springs, Cohoes, Watervliet, Schenectady, Gloversville, Glens Falls, and beyond.