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We Can’t Wait
to Welcome You

We welcome all health-conscious patients who want to experience holistic dentistry from a specialized team. Whether you are interested in maintaining your current health, learning more about how your oral wellness affects the rest of your body, or you have specific conditions that you want to address, we are ready to help you. Below, you’ll find some types of patients that we have a special place in our hearts — and in our training — for.

Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Conventional treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, can have unfortunate consequences for oral health. We recognize that, which is why we have put in extra effort to learning all about how your condition and its treatments may affect your smile. Whether you are struggling with dry mouth, are fighting an infection, or want to be proactive about protecting your oral health before you embark on cancer treatment, we are ready to help.

Patients with Severe Facial Pain

Severe facial pain can have a number of causes, including cancer, TMJ disorder (TMD), cavitations, and more. If you are struggling with such pain, we will use our expertise and technology to perform a thorough examination. Once we pinpoint the cause of the problem, we can design a custom treatment plan to relieve your discomfort and get your health back on track. We work closely with other local medical professionals to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive care.

Patients with Autoimmune Conditions

Research has found strong associations between poor oral health and autoimmune conditions. For example, tooth loss is correlated with an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be exacerbated by an imbalance in your body’s microbiome, which is greatly affected by the types of bacteria that inhabit your mouth. We keep up to date on the latest research in these areas so we can support you on your journey toward improved overall wellness.

Patients with Heart Conditions

Oral health and heart health are connected. For example, gum disease is associated with a heightened risk of heart attacks. Because we understand the latest research on such conditions, we are equipped to use your mouth as the portal through which we can help you safeguard your precious heart. We are also extremely careful to only use techniques and materials that will not worsen any existing heart conditions.

Patients with Gluten Sensitivities

Do you suspect that you are sensitive to gluten, or have you recently been diagnosed with a gluten allergy? Gluten may cause enamel weakening, tooth discoloration, canker sores, bad breath, and inflammatory gum disease. We can diagnose such dental issues and work to minimize the damage to your smile. We may also provide tips on how to enjoy a range of delicious foods without exposing your teeth and gums to the potentially devastating effects of gluten.

Patients Struggling with Other Diseases Caused by Infected Gums, Root Canals, Jawbone Cavitations, and Toxic Metals

The body is a complex creation composed of dozens of interconnected systems. Things like infected gums, past root canal therapy, jawbone cavitations, and toxic metals (such as the mercury in traditional fillings) may all have bad consequences for your overall wellness. If you have been feeling sick or even just a little “off,” and you suspect it has something to do with your oral health, we will be happy to examine you and do our best to help you understand and address your condition.